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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  September 22, 2009 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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. this is 9news now. >> the national transportation safety board hits metro with another urgent warning. >> this following new findings in the investigation of the fatal crash back if june. brittany morehouse joins us live now with the latest. brittany. >> reporter: with a letter, the ntsb woman uses strong vocabulary. she says there is a pressing need to address safety glitch that's could lead to another tragic accident. and yet this new safety advisory appears to be nothing new at all. while the national transportation safety board has yet to determine the cause of that fatal crash in late june, investigators now say the signal system that was supposed to tell
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the colliding train to stop failed that day. instead those signaling circuits told the train that all was clear, leading its way to the deadly accident that killed nine people and injured 80 more. now four organizations are looking over urgent recommendations issued by the ntsb, a company that makes the circuit. the federal transit administration, the federal railway administration and metro. >> they recommend we examine a track circuit. >> reporter: if it sounds familiar, it is. we heard about those circuits before and metro says it continues to check them twice a day. also. >> our trains have been operated in manual mode by train operators and will continue in manual mode until further notice. >> reporter: so why issue this urgent message? the ntsb says they don't comment on recommendations. they let the letters speak for themselves. it reserves the right to issue such letters even before they
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have final findings. >> we will continue to work with them and respond quickly in the hopes that they can identify a root cause of this accident or causes it to allow us to put other steps in place to prevent this from happening again. >> reporter: metro is planning to send more than a half million dollars to upgrade the doors on those rail cars deemed uncrash worthy. the washington examiner will have a full report on this in today's newspaper. derek. >> all right. brittany morehouse, thank you. a crazy scene tonight on dc's busy new york avenue. this is how things ended with a car flipped on to its roof. so what happened? well, police tell us this car apparently tried to run over a police officer who was helping another motorist. the officer fired. the motorist fled off. we spoke with one of the innocent commuters whose car got hit. >> it drove up the sidewalk
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right here. hit the car behind me. and a car here. and he hit the pole and took off and caused another accident up there by the hotel. >> reporter: police took the speeding driver and two passengers into custody. as you can imagine, this made traffic a mess tonight on new york avenue. a bethesda teenager facing bomb and weapon charges. plans to plead guilty to a lesser charge. so says the attorney for the 19-year-old. investigators say a search of his bedroom last year turned up assault weapons, ammunition and bomb making materials. but defense attorneys say he never intended to actually hurt anybody and tomorrow he'll plead guilty to possessing a destructive advice. and tonight people living near the massive water main break say they are furious that their insurance companies won't cover the damage. the six-foot main broke last friday spilling a million of gallons of water every six
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minutes. that added up to 64 million gallons of water before it could be shut down. and work to repair that main is expected to take four weeks. but some residents say their personal cleanups will take a lot longer than that. >> they said nothing was covered. it's like how can we rebuild our house and save for a wedding. it's just so overwhelming right now. >> reporter: in fact, that sort of water main break could come near any house any time. find out what kind of coverage would keep you protected at just click on living smart. maryland senator wants the nation to put more in the water main break. friday's break was a dramatic reminder of our infra truck structure -- infrastructure being in dire straits. he introduced the fitnessing act. that -- financing act. that will fund clean, safer water and improve the nation's infrastructure. we could find out as soon as thursday who will temporarily fill the senate seat of the late
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ted kennedy. lawmakers in massachusetts plan a final vote tomorrow on a bill that gives the governor the power to appoint an interim senator. that person would take kennedy's seat until a special election in january. when senior citizens see their medicare benefits cut? president obama says no. but the top budget office er in congress says -- officer in congress says maybe. he is part of the head budget. he says the finance committee would cut medicare benefits because it called for reducing payments advantage plans by more than a hundred billion dollars over ten years. more than 1.3 million americans are slated to exhaust their unemployment benefits by the end of this year. but they might be about to get a re preev the house has now voted to extend those benefits another 13 weeks in the hardest hit states. similar bills still pending in the senate. network television turned its attention tonight it a particularly washington kind of
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story. the new drama the good wife examines the choices of a woman who finds her politician husband is cheating. with the stakes so high, why does a real life politician take the risk? here is gary nurenberg. >> reporter: the picture tuesday evening looked a lot like the non-fiction we've seen so many times. a good wife at the elbow of a cheating husband admitting his shame. it seems to happen a lot in new york. the former governor. >> i've begun to atone for my private falingz. >> reporter: the current one -- failings. >> reporter: the current one. and on and on. >> men of power tend to think that they're above the law. sometimes women do too. >> reporter: this is a couple's therapist who has dealt with the issue in her washington practice and has written about it. a politician's life. >> they're around a lot of very attractive pretty woman who you work around all of the time. staffers and people who travel with you and if you're a high powered career person, you travel a lot.
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and you're not home very often to have that family kind of connection. >> reporter: tough on the cheat er too. >> if you're doing the cheating, you have a tremendous amount of giment because you have to play -- guilt because you have to play all kinds of games. you have to lie. you have to coverup. you cover a certain amount of angst around with you because you wonder when you're going to get caught. a lot of people say they finally find relief when they're caught because it's hard to live a double life and that's essentially what they're doing. >> reporter: fiction as strange as truth. gary nurenberg 9news now and >> now, 9news now did reach out to a number of people involved in notorious washington candles. none of them wanted -- scandals. none of them wanted to talk about it. now to maryland. parents and children filled a place up. this was something called the family learning night. every child got a free book and every parent got the chance to take a larger role in their
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child's education. . okay, topper. out to you my friend. how is it looking on the first full day of fall? >> not too bad. it's going to feel a bit like summer and right now it's like a summer's eve, if you will. here is the forecast. mostly cloudy. we're going to keep a chance of showers. they're going to be few and far between. low temperatures pretty mild. generally in the 60s. still comfortable, though. and winds light south, southeasterly at about ten. temperatures a r nice. still seven # -- temperatures are nice. 73 downtown. lots of clouds. not much in terms of showers. a couple sprinkles here and there. we'll come bk and talk about potential -- back and talk about potentials for showers and maybe a few thunderstorms as we head into fall tomorrow. >> thank you, top. well, dueling chefs created some unique flavors at a dc
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school today. they hooked up at third good marschall public high and the majority of the ingredients they used came right from the school's garden. it was all part of the farm-to-school progress. president obama and chinese president are both vowing to take action on climate change. the u.s. and china are the two biggest producers of greenhouse gases in the entire world. cutting those emissions worldwide was a focus of a day-long summit at the united nation. >> we can rise above the barriers that divide us, color and creed, race and religion and region. now, we can come together. and we can leave this world even better, even more hopeful than we found it. [ applause ] >> several didn't grs protested as the president
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talked talked about several topics -- president talked about several topics. apparently the tent gadaffi is in new york for gathering at the u.n. and the lib yin government has -- libian government has rented a tent and the tent will be used for parties during the gathering. coming up deadly flooding in the southeast at georgia's governor on the phone to washington. and a little girl caught on tape walking alongside a neighborhood market. just wait until you see what happens next. that is coming up.
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and welcome back. here is your forecast first. tomorrow's first full day of fall will feel poor like summer. -- feel more like summer. 84. 86 even warmer on thursday. shower and thunderstorm in the forecast. not a washout. and then cooler and dry on friday. temperatures in the mid 70s. but even on wednesday and thursday i think most of us will not see any showers. and we kind of need some for the lawn. all right. flanked by the weekend. half of which looks pretty good. the other half not so hot. overnight partly cloudy, comfortable. showers possible. low temperatures in the 60s and winds south, southeasterly at about ten. live doppler is quiet. can you always access live doppler via the web, 70 in belle haven. 70 in brookville. and 70 in chantilly.
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69 in charles town. even 70 out in remington. and lows tonight i think everybody pretty much holds in the 60s. maybe some low 60s in great falls. mid 60s in bethesda. and silver springs 65. 63 in bowie. and 63 also in upper marlboro. now, tomorrow morning mostly cloudy and mild. shower possible. not a lot. 60s and 70s. by afternoon, partly sunny and warmer. a shower or thunderstorm possible. highs near 85. winds southwesterly at ten. and despite the clouds, we'll make it into the 80s. pretty impressive. here is our nine micro cast. this kind of illustrates the clouds. the gray is representing the clouds but very little in terms of showers or even thunderstorms as we go through the day on thursday. even as we get into wednesday -- even as we get into thursday, not much going on. so, again, most of us won't see a shower or thunderstorm the next couple days. there will be scattered about pretty few and far between. okay. next seven days. 84 tomorrow. shower and storm. again on thursday 86.
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and then nice on friday. mid so. pretty nice -- mid 70s. pretty nice. saturday maybe a shower before the end of the terps game and cooler. highs maybe around 70. showers and rain on sunday. we clear out sunday afternoon and generally monday and tuesday afternoon. maybe a shower on monday, cooler tuesday. >> okay. >> okay. >> thanks a lot. well, tonight flooding in the southeast is now blamed for nine deaths. days of torrential rain that left much of metro atlanta under water and some major highways are flooded too. so are many homes and businesses. and the six flags amusement park more like a water park tonight. georgia's governor is asking president obama to declare a state of emergency. and georgia is not the only place seeing heavy flooding. in north carolina residents are being asked to evacuate voluntarily around the french broad river. that river is not expected to crest for several days now. we're just getting word of a developing story out of pennsylvania. you may remember earlier this summer when a suburban philadelphia swim club asked a
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group of mostly black and hispanic campers not to come back for day camp. tonight a state panel found there was probable cause of racial discrimination in the case. the valley club's owner has denied any racial motive in asking those campers not to return. the swim club overextended the its staff. an attorney says he plans to address the panels decision tomorrow morning. a little girl in washington state has a metal pole to thank for saving her life. and the startling scene was all caught on tape. again, it's amazing she's okay. sunday night the child was walking between a market and those metal poles used to keep vehicles from hitting the building. that's when a car came speeding into the scene. the pole lifted the car up, as you can see, so it just missed hitting the child. that driver is charged with reckless driving tonight. >> wow. >> wow. so close. >> amazing pictures. glad she's okay. coming up tonight right after 9news now. >> you know, first of aushltion i haven't talked about this -- first of all, i haven't talked
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lose 1-2 pounds a day. that is the claim of the hcg diet. hcg is a hormone producer in approximate pretion. back in the 1950s -- in pregnancy. back in the 1950s, they claimed the hormone could reduce fat. but is it too good to be true? >> i work out twice a day. an hour and a half in the morning and then an hour at night. and on the weekends i only do it once a day for about an hour and
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a half. >> we work out for an hour and a half to two hours. sometimes my body is not feeling it, i'll be in here for about an hour and that's it. >> i work out four days a week an hour each day. >> reporter: working hard for those hard bodies takes discipline, determination and the proper diet. but some people are turning to some extra help these days in what's called the hcg diet. it claims to use a human hormone to burn fat. hcg either injected or taken in drops. >> it targets stored fats. it works with the hypothalamus as a hormone. that's the gland that controls mood and cravings. it controls how we store fat. >> reporter: you take the drops three times a day for 23 days. drink at least two liters of water a day and stick to the 500-calorie a day diet. the claim is the drops keep you from feeling hungry.
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>> having that little of a calorie intake really puts your body into a state of starvation. >> reporter: a registered dietitian finds many concerns with this diet. >> really decreasing your metabolism usually when we're thinking about weight loss we want to increase the metabolism, burn calories really well and on the other thing is having that low of a calorie intake puts you getting inadequate nutrients. >> reporter: on average, women need about 2,000 calories per day. men need about 2700. doctors and dietitians also say there is no substitute for good old fashion exercise to help you lose weight and get the body you want. >> some of the hcg drops now being sold also contain vitamins like b12. we should note none of this has ban proved by the fda. now, diets this low in calories should only be undertaken with a doctor's supervision. tomorrow night at 11:00 we
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put parents and their kids talking about sexting. a parent's guide to preventing sexting only on 9news now at 11:00 tomorrow night. well, the long national season is sort of coming to a close. >> and i guess that's good. but i'm taking the positives out. adam dunn is going to have 50 homeruns and strasburg is coming. if only the dodgers could score as much. a power surge from joe torre's club tonight. plus the skins confront the detroit dilemma. 9 sports come up.
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it's time for 9 sports with brett haber, the best sports in town. >> all right. tonight began the last homestand of the season for the nats. 13 more games before 2009 is over. if they go 10-3 those games, they can beat their mark from last year. maybe 10-3 is a little optimistic. dodgers in town. a promising start for the nats. third inning adam dunn jumps on
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the heat. the nats lead 2-1. at which point the dodgers proceed to score 13 unanswered runs. that is a double starting the parade around the bases. dodger outscored the redskins by five tonight. and win 14-2. the o's in toronto and we cut out all of the bluff straight for the 11 tied at five. aaron hill to the gap in right center. it's a walkoff win and he does. o's fall 6-5. their sixth straight loss. now that redskins fan have had 48 hours to complain about the nine points against the rams, we turn our attention to the lions and the very definition of a no within hin situation. if they win -- no-win situation. if they win on sunday no big deal. but if they lose, the outcry from last week's nation will make last week's booing sound
11:29 pm
like a box con share tow. >> -- concerto. >> that is just the way it is. >> anybody can get beat any week. all of that stuff about a team is doing good or not doing good, that doesn't matter in this league. >> a good way to approach it. meanwhile the redskins use the roster spot vacated by randy thomas to resign anthony aldridge today. they now have five running backs. and robin henson remember the rookie, the linebacker who tweet erred all of the fans. he was so barraged with responses that he closed his account. he apologized but it was a little too late. one week from today and flip sanders ambitions are modest. all he wants to do is get the history of the nba flipped around. they flipped the lead with the healthy gilbert a re nasa long
11:30 pm
with the -- arenas. i spoke to the coach today. >> one of the reasons that i'm here is because i feel this team has a chance to win. i've been my last four years in this league is where i finished the year. you do that, you get a little spoiled. it's something that i feel with this team that we can do the same type of thing. >> finally tonight, maybe you've played in a golf tournament where they have a prize for a hole in one. well, at the mark eaton invitational you win a million bucks. that's in. and better than the shot is his reaction. look at him running all the way down the golf course. his buddies lay a tackle on him. he wins a million bucks. he was a restaurant manager. at least he was. now he may be on vacation. >> he needs to work on his golf game. >> apparently he doesn't need any. it looks fine. that's 9news now for
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tonight. thanks for staying up with us. tomorrow morning on 9news now, the people getting an extra push to go get their flu shots right away. that plus your traffic and weather to get you on your way tomorrow morning starting at 4:55 a.m.. >> don't forget we're always on at letterman is up next. have a great one. >> goodnight. need a lift? hey buddy, i appreciate the ride, you know. no problem. ♪ mind if i take a shortcut? yeah, sure. ♪ i knew the subaru legacy was the smart choice... what i didn't expect... was the fun.
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